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Lemn8 - Goobers
By Lemn8 on 2017-06-05

Yes we are that old. Few days ago i discovered that the 5th of may Wolfenstein 3D was celebrating their 25th anniversary. This game was a big part of my childhood. I played this game and goobers was the magic option to reach the debugger functions. It had allot of impact because it also let me experience another big step from "pc-speaker" to "soundblaster pro". Hearing the naziƛ scream in bad german language was satisfying (btw no flame towards germans your generation has no blame and me riding a bike there is no better country to be in "cruising" around). Anyway Bobby Prince composed the music for this game and few of them i caught myself head bouncing to a beat that wasn't there. so i wired my dosbox up through jack to audacity and did some cutting. put it in renoise carefully chose some samples and vsti's and got into a hyper focus. so when i blinked my eyes at was already 1am in the morning and i forgot to eat. But for a good reason i hope. Hope you'll enjoy it!

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