• Lemn8 - Offtrack (Little tryout that i want to share)
    I freshly reinstalled my pcbut now into UEFI mode. This is highly recommended if you use allot of hardware like me. It's just much more compatible and faster. Anyway hope you'll enjoy it.
  • Lemn8 - (A musical appreciation towards Octav1us) Waka Waka Remix (Allot of BASS)
    It began as, Let's check this tuber out. But really fast you discover the different layers of reality she lives in and how she handles it. The dedication time creativity and love she put in her content is mind-blowing. The consideration and transparency towards her subscribers inspiring. So.........
  • Lemn8 - Twitch
    First video i made while live streaming this event. I't didn't was a succes though. Nobody watched.
  • Lemn8 - Play With Space
    This one is very difficult. Best is listen with headphones. The sub is going to around 20hz. This is a play thing between you and dept (space). In other words. Don't get lost in this one. As you can see the possibility's are endless and it's for free!
  • Lemn8 - Game&Watch
    Gaming History. This game we played allot at grand' s house. Some sounds will probably trigger some flashbacks.
  • American Dad - Steve is singing
    I like steve's voice. But his singing is always to short. So I thought lets try to do some composing around him in. And klaus off course, i extended his fantastic role in this one also. Hope You Like it.
  • Lemn8 - Goobers
    Yes we are that old. Few days ago i discovered that the 5th of may Wolfenstein 3D was celebrating their 25th anniversary. This game was a big part of my childhood. I played this game and goobers was the magic option to reach the debugger functions. It had allot of impact because it also let me exper
  • Lemn8 - Static Noise
    Can't focus... Everything flies by. Where did the time go. Where's my life @?
  • Having some fun with my new 2nd hand launchkey...
    Try how it can be used with a live performance...
  • Making of
    Just wanna show you a glimps of my 2nd hand gear and the way i work...
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